Our Lady's Abingdon - Lower School Co-Curricular Clubs

Lower School Co-Curricular Clubs

Co-curricular activities provide vital experiences and opportunities. OLA Lower School offers an exceptionally wide and constantly changing choice.

Pupils have the opportunity to sample a variety of clubs or activities which run during the course of the week during lunch break or after school from 3.20 to 4.00pm.

Each term the range of clubs’ changes to enable pupils to experience a rich and diverse mixture of activities.

  1. Select a 1st and 2nd choice club for each day of the week by clicking on the boxes on the downloadable form
  2. Places for clubs will be given based on the time stamp when they are received
  3. Clubs list will be via the booking form
Download the Hilary Term Club List

I was always at my best when I was learning, when I was curious.  When I had yet to see past the next horizon.  Reinhold Messner (Italian mountaineer, explorer, and author)

Every pupil at OLA is presented with a vast range of opportunities to develop, progress, excel or simply enjoy themselves beyond the classroom.  OLA Sphere is our co-curricular programme, offering all pupils and array of activities which help them to expand their sphere of learning, capture their curiosity and interest as well as realise their potential in a variety of ways.

The co-curricular life at OLA is not seen as an “add on” that pupils can opt into but is very much part of our curriculum.  We recognise that academic progression is not just limited to a classroom.  Whether pupils enjoy Sport, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Art or Drama the education of the whole person is considered and vast range of enjoyable opportunities are available.

There is something to suit everyone’s interests in the sphere … why not try something new or build up your skills? 

Lower School Council

The Lower School Council is an elected group of children who meet regularly to represent the pupils of OLA Lower School and give them a voice.  At the start of each term every child has the opportunity to stand for the School Council

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