Bursary Availability

We are always keen to welcome into the OLA community boys and girls with potential to contribute to the ethos and life of the School.

To assist families who are interested in joining but are unable to afford full fees, we have available a range of bursaries that provide financial assistance.

What makes OLA unique?

OLA offers a distinctive combination of factors that enables our pupils to thrive:

OLA is a small, friendly co-educational school for 7-18’s, providing pupils with a wide range of opportunities to shine and represent the school. These opportunities – not so readily available in larger schools where there is greater competition – build confidence through the chances they offer for personal growth and leadership.

Our small class sizes significantly increase academic progression and attainment through personalised teaching in small groups.

Our fun and innovative learning approach helps pupils to be fully engaged in the academic life of the school leading to exam results that regularly exceed baseline predications.

Our highly praised pastoral care supports and encourages pupils’ development, both personally and academically.

Our family community encourages an open dialogue between home and school through a range of effective channels.

Our Catholic Christian ethos is the foundation of everything we do, creating the family community so valued by OLA parents. The school accepts children of all faiths and none and helps them aspire to such values as integrity, compassion, openness, forgiveness, reconciliation, co-operation and courage.

These benefits are attractive to many parents who want to give their child the best start in life. But what do you do if your financial situation means that you cannot afford OLA’s fees?

Lower and Senior School Bursary Applications

The closing date for Lower and Senior School Bursary Applications for pupils requesting to start in September of any year, will be the last working day of the previous November.

Applicants for Year 7 and Year 9 will be required to take an entrance examination early in the January before entry. The Bursary Committee will then meet to make its final decision for all applications. For successful candidates, offer letters will be available at the end of January.

Funds and places permitting, applications for School bursaries received later than the yearly closing date in November will receive a decision as quickly as possible. If the application is for entry to the Senior School a decision will be made following the scheduling of an examination and interview, and for entry to the Lower School after an assessment.

Existing Pupils

The school will at any time consider a Bursary application in respect of an existing pupil if their future education is jeopardised by unforeseen financial problems.  Preference will be given to any pupil who is at a sensitive stage in his/her school career.

Granted Bursaries

The value of a bursary will be re-assessed annually and may go up or down depending on current family circumstances.
The continuation of a bursary is dependent upon good school reports for effort, participation and behaviour.

Financial Awards

A pupil may qualify for only one major financial award from the following: Academic Scholarship, Sibling Discount, Bursary Award (means tested). Where more than one award is applicable, only the larger amount will apply. Where a pupil is awarded both an Academic Scholarship and either a Sibling Discount or Bursary, the Scholarship will become an honorary award. There is no financial aspect to an honorary Scholarship award but the pupil will benefit from the opportunities to participate in the McAuley Scholarship programme and will have the distinction of being recognised as a Scholar.

How to apply for a Bursary

To apply for a bursary at either our Lower or Senior School please complete the bursary application form below and send it to Mr Prav Karian.

Any questions and completed forms should be directed to:

Mr Prav Karian
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Leader
Email: COO@ola.org.uk
Our Lady’s Abingdon School, Radley Road, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire OX14 3PS