Our Lady's Abingdon - Lower School Pastoral Care

Lower School Pastoral Care

We firmly believe that children must feel happy and safe before they start to make good progress in their learning.

Being a small school means that teachers know every child in the school and all staff take responsibility for the well-being of our pupils.

We also encourage pupils to look after each other, and many Year 6 help with the younger pupils as part of their prefect duties.

This contributes to the special ‘family atmosphere’ that so many visitors to the school comment on.

Each pupil has a Form Tutor, who takes responsibility for their welfare and acts as a first port of call if there are any difficulties or concerns. The Form Tutor liaises with parents and other members of staff, as appropriate.

In addition to this, pupils are placed in one of a number of small groups made up of pupils of different ages called ‘Buddy Families’.  We encourage regular interaction among the pupils in these families at playtimes, as well as during activities such as the annual Easter egg hunt and Christmas dinner. This unique system ensures that children get to know pupils in other year groups and really feel a part of the school as a whole.

Our House system further promotes a spirit of healthy competition and positive relationships between pupils of different ages.

Our care for our pupils permeates all aspects of school life, so everyone feels valued. The atmosphere of care and support that spreads through the school ensures the social, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our pupils and enables them to flourish.

We were delighted with our last ISI Inspection report in which the pupils said: “the school is a safe environment physically and emotionally due to the excellent pastoral care system in place where safeguarding pupils is given the highest priority”