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Career Guidance

Career Sessions

At OLA it is our aim to help pupils on a journey of self-discovery. From Year 7 pupils to Lower Sixth students, they have careers sessions designed to help them think about skills and qualities they have or would like to develop, and areas of interest which they might like to pursue as a job role or career.

In Year 7 the focus is wide and varied as pupils begin to think about the areas they might wish to pursue and their own strengths and areas for development. Moving towards GCSE and A-level the subject focus becomes tighter and more important as plans become sharper and students have more clarity about their future. Throughout this process we aim to support the pupils and students by helping them take practical steps towards securing their future career plans.

Year 7

Living in the Wider World

Pupils learn:

  • Continuation of THINK road safety (weeks 1-2)
  • How to be enterprising, including skills of problem-solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, risk-management, and creativity; (w3)
  • About a broad range of careers and the abilities and qualities required for different careers; (w4)
  • About equality of opportunity; (w5)
  • How to challenge stereotypes, broaden their horizons and how to identify future career aspirations (w6)
  • About the link between values and career choices. (w7)

Year 9

Living in the Wider World

Pupils learn:

  • About transferable skills, abilities and interests (w2);
  • How to demonstrate strengths (w3);
  • About different types of employment and career pathways (w4);
  • How to manage feelings relating to future employment (w5);
  • How to work towards aspirations and set meaningful, realistic goals for the future (w6);
  • About GCSE and post-16 options skills for decision making (w7).

Year 11

Living in the Wider World

Pupils learn:

  • How to use feedback constructively when planning for the future; (w 1-2)
  • How to set and achieve SMART targets (w1-2);
  • Effective revision techniques and strategies (w3-4);
  • About options post-16 and career pathways (w3-4);
  • About application processes, including writing CVs,(w 5-7)
  • Personal statements and interview technique (w 5-7)

Year 8

Living in the Wider World

Pupils learn:

  • About equality of opportunity in life and work; (w1)
  • How to challenge stereotypes; (w2) and discrimination in relation to work and pay (w3)
  • About employment, self-employment and voluntary work (weeks 4-5)
  • How to set aspirational goals for future careers and challenge expectations that limit choices (w 6-7)

Year 10

Living in the Wider World.

Work experience : Preparation for and evaluation of work experience and readiness for work

Pupils learn:

  • How to evaluate strengths and interests in relation to career development;
  • About opportunities in learning and work;
  • Strategies for overcoming challenges or adversity;
  • About responsibilities in the workplace;
  • How to manage practical problems and health and safety;
  • How to maintain a positive personal presence online;
  • How to evaluate and build on the learning from work experience.

We also produce a monthly newsletter partnered with Future Smart Careers with all the latest up to date careers information and guidance. You can access the latest newsletter here.


Mr Cez Sissons is OLA’s Head of Career Guidance, responsible for designing, delivering and evaluating the Career Guidance Programme. He is always interested to hear your views.

Career Advice and Guidance

Click on the link below to download up-to-date information around careers choices, university applications, work experience and CV writing.


Careerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations, help you learn about different occupations and identify potential careers. It provides access to a selection of UK headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects for different occupations, as well as description of the occupation.