Our Lady's Abingdon - OLA 6th Pastoral Care

OLA 6th Pastoral Care

Excellent pastoral care and guidance is at the heart of OLA 6th. We support our students to thrive and achieve. We provide a nurturing and caring environment that enables young people to develop as broad-skilled, kind and confident individuals.

The OLA 6th team of Form tutors and teachers are compassionate and highly skilled staff; whose priority is the wellbeing and personal and academic progress of its students.

Student behaviour is guided by our Positive Behaviour Code that ensures they fully understand our expectations and the rewards available for good work, effort and contributions to school life. This system is managed digitally (ClassCharts) and is accessible to parents and students.

What I most appreciated about OLA 6th was the absence of an excessively high-pressured environment. This not only helped me flourish as a person but also meant I was the most relaxed and prepared I could possibly be to take my exams. For me, this was the deciding factor in choosing OLA. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and feel proud to have been a part of the school.” Alice (former student)