Our Lady's Abingdon - Why I Chose OLA Senior School

Why I Chose OLA Senior School

Some of our Year 7’s want to share with you their stories of why they chose OLA with their families for their senior school education and what their first term with us has been like.

We hope you find what they say helpful especially if you are considering OLA for your child.

“I chose to come to OLA because I loved the atmosphere and how everybody seemed to be so happy here. I am glad I chose OLA because there are such supportive teachers and I love all my subjects. The work is challenging in a good way and there are fun activities. This school has already taught me so much and I feel like I have made good progress. I like how quickly I made friends as I was worried I would be lonely. I am enjoying all the lovely people in the school, all the lessons, and the environment.”


“I chose to come to OLA because it was suggested by my mum. It was a good decision. The lessons are fun. My favourite lessons are Art and RS because they are so fun and exciting. I am also enjoying all of the sports.”


“I chose OLA because the school inspired me at the Open Day I attended with all of the activities we could do which I really liked. My favourite lessons are Games, DT, RS and History. All of the teachers are full of excitement so it makes it fun. I like making friends and talking to my friends because they comfort me if I am unhappy. I’m enjoying lunch very much because the chef cooks delicious food and they are all nice and kind. I’m glad that they make an effort to cook the food for us. The activities I do are Art club and Netball club. I chose these because one of them is relaxing and I enjoy Art and the other gives me exercise.”


“I chose OLA because I liked how friendly it felt. I have made lots of new friends very quickly. My favourite lessons are Art, Science, Latin and Spanish. I like the facilities the school has. I also like how nice and friendly the teachers are and the range of clubs the school has. I am enjoying everything at OLA. It is an amazing school and everyone is very nice.”


“I chose OLA because I had come to Experience Days and Open Mornings and enjoyed the school. My favourite lessons are Maths, Games and Textiles because I love problem solving in Maths and am sporty and creative.

The thing I like most is Friday’s because lunch is fish and chips with lots of ketchup! I am enjoying the clubs during lunch time because there is a range of activities. My teachers are very supportive. I think I am making good progress at OLA and enjoying the challenging work.”


“I chose OLA because it looked better and was less crowded than other schools. It was a good choice as I came from a small primary school. It’s easier to get used to than a big school. My favourite lessons are Art, Food and DT. I enjoy drawing. Cooking is fun to do and I like making things in DT.”


“I chose to come to OLA because it has a wide range of activities and small classes. On my first day I was greeted by friendly welcoming staff.  I didn’t know any of the children but now I have made a best friend for life!

Coming to OLA in these worrying Covid times I was really nervous that I would have to mix with lots of people but soon found out that I wouldn’t be. Thanks to the teachers I feel so safe and welcome.

I don’t have any favourite lessons because they are all amazing but at OLA I have been challenged to a high standard which I have really liked.  Also in OLA we are known as a family and it is a very strong one.”


“I chose OLA because when I went around the Open Morning everyone was having so much fun. I decided it was the perfect place for me to learn. All of the teachers are so nice and I have made so many friends.

My favourite lessons are Music, English, Art and History because the lessons are so fun and I have learnt so much more.  Clubs are also fun right now I am doing Music club. My best friend and I are leaders of our band and we get to recommend songs!

Everything about the school just makes me want to go to school every day because I love the OLA community.”


“I chose to come to OLA because of all of the facilities and all of the nice people and teachers. I have made lots of friends and am enjoying the lessons. My favourite lessons are Spanish and PE. Spanish is really interesting and fun. I love PE because I get to play sport with my friends. I like break time because there is lots to do and I love playing ping-pong. I particularly enjoy Maths because my teacher is very nice and really helpful and she explains it very well.”


“OLA is an amazing school because of the support you get from the teachers. Since OLA is quite small, you get more attention from the teachers so if you need extra support, you will get it. My favourite subject is Art because I get to relax and create wonderful pieces of art, and our Art teacher, Mrs Barratt, is lovely and wonderful at what she does.”


“I chose to come to OLA because it seemed like a great school with a kind and friendly environment. I think it is the best school I have been to.

OLA is a great welcoming school with talented lovely children eager to learn. My favourite lessons are Maths, ICT and French because my teachers are great teachers and work very hard.  I like the food at OLA because there are different options and also the food is amazing.  I am enjoying the experience here at OLA because the environment and the playground are great and the quality of teaching is phenomenal.

All the teachers are supportive. There are loads of fun activities and the work is fun and challenging.”


“It brings me so much joy coming to OLA. The staff and Form Tutors are really kind and helpful. I used to be scared to ask things but OLA helped me loads. They are unlocking a door to my boldness. My favourite lessons here are Art and DT. I have always loved Art because it helps me to express myself. DT is great because you can create things and learn how to be as precise as possible. Science is also great. You do lots of practical work and have fun doing experiments.”


“I chose to come to OLA because my sisters came here and they told me that it was a really friendly, supportive and kind environment. I am glad I chose OLA because it has small classes. My favourite lessons are Design Technology and Geography because in Design Technology you get to use some really cool machines and in Geography I like learning about the world. I like the PE lessons because OLA has its own swimming pool and I love swimming! I am enjoying most of the lessons here because the lessons are only forty minutes and the work is not too hard or too easy.”


“I chose to come to OLA because it’s a wonderful school that educates me well and the atmosphere is friendly. People count each other as equal and show kindness to one another. The food can be great and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments. My favourite lessons are RS, Spanish, PSHE, PE and Food because the teachers are great and kind. They make lessons fun. I like that people share and are both sympathetic and empathetic. I don’t like Maths but I can learn because of my good teacher. I am enjoying so much and the amazing people make my day. I love how my teachers are great and so kind.”


“I am glad I decided to come to OLA because of the supportive teachers and the friendly pupils. There is barely any student I dislike and you get more help as the classes are smaller in this private school. My favourite lessons are English, Maths and PE because they interest me the most and I have just always loved them. I am very happy that OLA competes in a lot of sporting events as I would love to participate. I enjoy the work because if you find it too easy they will give you something that is at your level, and vice versa.”


“I chose OLA because the school had amazing reviews and my relatives who are already at OLA told me it is the best school. The lessons are fun and engaging. Also the pupils and teachers are kind. My favourite lessons are Science, Drama, Maths (especially), English and History. I also enjoy Netball. History and Science but I like them all. I am interested in so many things and OLA helps to feed my curiosity.”


“I chose to come to OLA because it is an amazing place. The teachers are very nice and make you work in a fun way and I am amazed how the school is so imaginative. I am glad I chose OLA because the atmosphere is very friendly. The thing I like the most is the personability. Everyone is so kind. My favourite lessons are French and History because the lessons are really fun and they push you to your max potential.”


“My sister went to OLA so I always went to the Open Mornings and saw how great it was. I’m glad I chose OLA because of all of the opportunity you get at the school, the science labs and because the teachers are all very nice and helpful. My Favourite lessons are Drama, Textiles and Games. This is because I have never done proper Drama and Textiles before. I really enjoy making things. I enjoy Games because I love sports and we have a massive field for sport. We have a great PE teacher and we do a lot of different sports.”


“I chose OLA because my cousins come here. I am pleased I chose it as all of the teachers are lovely. My favourite lessons are RS, Latin, Swimming and English. Latin is new to me and I love it. Swimming is really fun and in English I love reading. I am also enjoying the small classes and clubs. For clubs I do Netball and Drama.”


“I chose to come to OLA because I like the fact that there are few people in your class. Everyone is kind and the sports are really good.  All of the teachers are nice to you but some people can be annoying but most people I like.

My favourite lessons are Spanish, Textiles and PE because they are all fun and you get to do nice things. I like that in Spanish, if you don’t do well, you just have to try again next time.

In PE I like that we do a lot of fun stuff. I am enjoying that it is easy to make friends so now I have quite a lot. I also like that OLA has a swimming pool so once a week you get to go swimming.”


Thank you to everyone in Year 7 who contributed stories. I’m sorry I couldn’t include everyone’s story here. It’s good to know you are all enjoying OLA! Pictured here are more of the authors of the stories above.

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