Our Lady's Abingdon - Why we love Year 3 at OLA

Why we love Year 3 at OLA

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pupil in Year 3 at OLA? Some of our Year 3 pupils want to tell you their stories about how much they enjoy their class.

Annabel’s story

In Year 3 we know that OLA is an incredibly special place. I would like to tell you all about why I love OLA. I have lots of good friends at OLA and we really care about one another. We have Buddy Families that we can play with all the time and we are all in a House team.

We learn fun skills during our swimming lessons. At the moment we are learning how to do a push and glide, swimming off once we have completed this move. In PE we have lots of great teachers, each teacher is really good at a different sport. My favourite is hockey which is taught by Mrs Barrett and Miss Page. It’s super fun!

The teachers are incredibly fun and make lessons very interesting. They also help us a lot if we are stuck. My favourite lesson is Maths as I love to investigate problems. We have just had Maths week in school and we completed a Smarties investigation – we even got to eat them afterwards! In Geography we have been learning about volcanoes, we are going to erupt them soon. We have also filmed a news report pretending to be news presenters telling everyone about a volcano erupting. We had to think about all our previous learning to do this.

We have a super playground and every week we get to go on the playground equipment, that’s my favourite day. There’s an order so that everyone gets a turn. It goes like this on Monday it’s Year 5, then Year 6 go on Tuesday, Wednesday is the best day because it is our turn. On Thursday Year 4 go on, then on Friday it’s Year 5.

At 3:20pm we can choose to participate in different clubs. This term we have computer games, fitness, mindful colouring, craft, netball, football, choir, playground games and also cross country. As you can see there are lots for us to choose from. Each term some of the clubs change so that we can have different experiences but some of the best ones stay the same. OLA Lower School is the best!

Isaac’s story

In Year 3 we have lots of friends both in our class and on the playground. We have Buddy Families to play with and we are also in a whole school House, my House is Bowyer.

All the lessons are great fun but I really like History. We have been learning about the Stone Age and the different eras such as; the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic era. In English we have been writing some very funny instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth and a story about travelling back to the Stone Age. I used my knowledge from history to write a really good story.

I love achieving Class Charts points because we can choose our treats to buy from the online shop. The harder you work the more Class Chart points you get.

Another great lesson is PE. We are doing badminton with Mr Cooper but my favourite sport is rugby. We are learning about how to pass the ball with precision and always end the lesson with a match, which is my favourite part.

In Maths we are doing adding 100’s and 10 ‘s, which sounds complicated, but we learnt strategies such as Bar Modelling and Bridging to help us find the correct answer.

As you see OLA is a great school with very fun learning.

Jasper’s story

In Year 3 we care about our friends in our class and we really enjoy learning together. We think swimming is great in OLA’s own pool and at the moment we are learning how to dive from the blue blocks. In PE we play lots of different sports, my favourite is football with Mr Cooper because we learn new skills and then play a game of football. I am great at keepie uppies!

Our lessons are AMAZING and very fun. We’ve just had Maths week in school, which helped us to complete several challenges. This year it was all about fractions, we did a Smarties investigation and then got to eat the smarties!

In English we have looked at the books How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and Stone Age Boy. I enjoyed both but we definitely had a great time laughing at all the funny instructions in the Woolly Mammoth book. We had to write about the products we needed to use and then create our own instructions. We then got to type our stories on the computer making an electronic book. I also really enjoy Maths lessons because we get to add 100s and 10s and 1s. We also learnt about kg and g.

During club time I do study club and playground games club but there are lots of different clubs that you can choose from.

I think that you will agree that OLA Lower School is a great place to learn.

Sebastiano’s story

OLA has really kind teachers and we do fun activities to help us learn new things. My friends are sometimes funny and make me laugh.

My favourite subjects are Science and Art but all our lessons are fun. In Art we have been learning about prehistory and have made model dinosaurs, this has also been linked to our Science lessons because we are learning about dinosaurs – I love dinosaurs!

In Geography we are learning about volcanoes, we made model volcanoes and we pretended to be news reporters. It was a bit scary at first and I didn’t want to make a video of me talking as a news reporter, I even tried to hide behind something, but with lots of encouragement and some practising I did it and it wasn’t scary at all. We all watched one another’s videos and everybody did a great job.

We have playground equipment which is fun to play on and each class gets a turn each week. We enjoy playing on the equipment together and like to make up games.

As you can see I think OLA is the best school ever!

Lucien’s story

In Year 3 we are caring, kind and have teachers better than ever. All of us have a nice time laughing together whilst learning new things.

This term in English we have also made stories about the Stone Age. To start with we pretended to go back in time and created a story based on the Stone Age Boy. The character I met was a boy called Ugu and he showed me how they used to live, catch food and how they cooked. I used my knowledge from the topic to write a fantastic story.

Mrs Smales likes to give us Class Chart points, you earn them by working hard. In our School Council meetings, we have also been able to think of the rewards that we can buy using our well-earned Class Charts points. I am saving for a mystery prize as it sounds very exciting so I need to work hard all the time.

In PE we have lessons based on football, badminton, fitness and hockey. All the lessons are great but my favourite lesson is Geography.

At the end of the day we have clubs. Each term you can choose your clubs. This term we have had football, computer games, netball, fitness, mindful colouring and cross county on offer, there is always something fun planned.

As you can tell our Lower School is the best ever!

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