Taster & Experience Days for Years 2 & 3

For Year 3 and Year 4 Entry

At an OLA Taster Day children get to join in on a normal school day and be part of an actual class as well as meet their ‘buddy’ for when they start at OLA.

All Year 2 pupils who are seeking Year 3 entry and current Year 3 pupils seeking Year 4 entry are invited to attend a Taster Day.

At an OLA Experience Day children can visit our school on a Saturday to try a wide range of fun activities, meet our teachers and make new friends.

NEW Taster Day - Wednesday 1 December - for a real taste of Year 3 or Year 4 - just complete the form below.

Start the Taster Day with Assembly at 08h30, followed by a DT lesson, then cooking (yum).  Break for snacks and enjoy a delicious lunch in the dining room.
The afternoon will be filled with swimming (don’t forget your swimming kit), mosaics and a French lesson.  If you fancy trying the full day, you can even join an after school club activity to finish the day at 4pm.

But first watch these videos to hear why Lucien and Eden love OLA Lower School

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  • Taster Day: 8.25am arrival, stay for clubs until 4pm pick-up. Children will be immersed in School life for a whole day.
  • Experience Day: 9.30am arrival until 12.30pm. Children will experience a range of fun activities for a morning.

Best Schools Guide - Review of OLA

Verdict – Good for:  Kids who could benefit from a nurturing, supportive, non-hot-house style school.  Joiner inners – with small numbers, comes opportunity to play instruments, have a go at sports and be part of the community.  Read the full review here for more. Good Schools Guide

Ready to come and visit? Register here and we will confirm final details close to the day.

Please select which day you are booking for TASTER DAY - Wednesday 1 December 2021 or EXPERIENCE DAY - Saturday 22 January or Saturday 5 March 2022


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    ALLERGY INFORMATION (children will be given lunch and snacks)

    SWIMMING ABILITY: Please complete the information as fully as possible. If you are unsure simply write ‘unknown’

    Swimming Ability Awards: e.g. ASA NPTS level(s):
    Swimming Distance Awards: e.g. ASA Rainbow distance:
    Deep water confidence:
    Our pool max depth is 2.6m (approx 10 feet) CONFIDENT:
    Diving Confidence:
    Diving head first from the pool side or from a raised platform or spring board CONFIDENT:
    Water Skills Confidence:
    Treading water, floating, swimming, submerging under water CONFIDENT:
    IMPORTANT: Children with asthma should bring their inhaler with them. For serious long term conditions (eg, severe asthma, diabetes, serious allergies, epilepsy) parents are required to provide written instructions from the pupil’s GP advising of the treatment necessary in an emergency. Please keep us up to date about any changes.

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