Our Lady's Abingdon - Why we love Year 4 at OLA

Why we love Year 4 at OLA

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pupil in Year 4 at OLA? Some of our current Year 4 children want to tell you their stories about how much they enjoy their class.

Katelyn’s story

I recently joined OLA. I love it because at my old school we had the same teacher for every class But in OLA you get different teachers from the Senior School for Music, PE, French and DT and they are specialist and more professional.

OLA is a fantastic school and everyone is welcome! If you come and join like I did then you are really lucky, all the children and teachers are very kind and caring.

In OLA you get to learn lots of new things and you will never be bored! I personally did not like History before, but in OLA I suddenly started to like it. The reason is we are in a small class ,the teacher can spend more time to explain my questions.

OLA is just the school for you if you would like more care and attention.

Rocha’s story

I came to OLA last year and I was amazed because the teachers are really nice and the class is not too big. It’s quite easy to get to know everyone, and as well as the teacher the class is also very kind.

Most schools have small swimming pools or none at all but this school has a big swimming pool and you get to swim full laps.

It is also a Catholic school and there is a church. It is great to have specialist teachers for French, Music, PE and DT.

Eden’s story

Here are some reasons why OLA is amazing.

There are the teachers who are really nice and welcoming. And they give you work that is really fun, for example, we were reading the book The Butterfly Lion and we had to write an argument about Bertie and his dad saying why the lion should go to the circus or not.

And we have fun subjects like Art and DT, and more. We have small classes so it is easy to make friends plus we are all super friendly.

And there is a massive swimming pool and we have the deep end and the shallow end, and we have two teachers. If you are not that confident at swimming do not worry because Miss Didcot will help you in the shallow end and when you do get confident you will go in the deep end.

And we have specialist teachers from the Senior School for French Music PE and DT. That is why OLA is amazing.

Alfie’s story

I really love OLA because of all the sport we do! Our grounds are amazing. We have Barton field and tennis courts and basketball courts. We even have two sports halls. The clubs are really fun – we have at least three to choose from every day, like football, netball, cross country and choir.

Everyone at this school is really kind and thoughtful! We have a giant swimming pool which has a deep end that is great fun for diving, and a shallow end. We also have specialist teachers for PE, DT, Swimming, Music and French.

All the work we do is really fun, for instance we read books and then write a letter about the book. Home learning is really good. We have live lessons on Zoom and have all our work set on Teams. The teacher sends us the work sheets and books.

At school we also have our very own library which each class goes to every week. I hope you can think about coming to this brilliant school!

Fred’s story

Year 4 is amazing you can make friends quickly and the best thing is there are fun lessons taught by Senior School teachers for French, PE and DT.

There are extra challenges when you finish your main part of the lesson and you have a House which you can earn points for like being kind or helping somebody.

Whoever comes to our school will feel like they are at home.

Oaken’s story

I chose OLA because it has better teaching in the whole school.

For Music, PE and DT the teachers come from the Senior school. I also like it because it allows you to work independently.

At OLA we learn French which we did not do at my old school.

The teachers are really nice and it is better in a smaller class because a class of 30 is too noisy.

The class chart points encourage and motivate me with my work

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