Our Lady's Abingdon - Transition


Starting a new senior school can be a stressful time for both child and parent. Here at OLA we work hard to reduce that stress so that new pupils feel at home and happy in their new environment as quickly as possible.

This process is overseen by our:

Head of Transition Miss Stephanie Page who manages Year 7 transition

Head of Middle School Mr Jeral Cooper who manages transition into Years 8 and 9

Year 7 Transition

Hello everyone. I am Stephanie Page Head of Transition at OLA. This role involves me looking after, and acting as Head of Year 7 in our Senior School.

My aim is to make sure the Year 6’s joining us in Year 7 have lots of contact with me before they actually start so that they feel as comfortable as possible when they join us here at OLA.

How does that happen?

Communication with Year 6 pupils thinking of joining us starts early. I visit our own Lower School, and Preparatory, Junior and Primary schools throughout our catchment area after pupils have taken their SATS. The purpose of these meetings is to build relationships with both pupils and teachers.

We hold a welcome afternoon in June, where pupils who will be joining us in the following September, can meet their new Form Tutors and familiarise themselves with our school environment.

An Induction Day for all Year 7 pupils is held in early September before the official first day of term. The children come in and do a variety of activities including lessons, assemblies, their ICT induction and a quiz which helps them navigate their way around the school.

OLA is a small school which enables our friendly and caring staff to get to know each pupil very quickly. Being a small senior school also helps the children who often come from small junior or primary schools to not feel overwhelmed by the size of their new surroundings. We spread the pupils who already know each other across the different forms which encourages everyone to mix.

We have small forms and class sizes which promote our highly praised pastoral and academic care – pupils are not just a number.

Transitioning to a secondary school is a big deal and we cater for that very well. The proof of our success can be found in our current Year 7’s stories about why they chose OLA and their experience of their first term, I encourage you to take time to read these stories by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions about Year 7 transition at OLA, please get in touch with me. Email: spage@ola.org.uk.

Year 8 and 9 Transition

We provide taster days for all pupils considering joining us in Years 8 and 9. When they start with us all new pupils are provided with a ‘buddy’ from existing pupils in their year group so they can build positive relationships early with their peers.

Experienced Form Tutors help settle new starters into their form. Our small form sizes help both Form Tutors and the Head of Middle School to quickly get to know each new pupil at a personal level enabling them to build positive and supportive relationships.

Our wide range of co-curricular clubs also helps new pupils to meet existing pupils and develop friendships within their year group and beyond.

If you have any questions about Year 8 or 9 transition at OLA, please contact Mr Cooper. Email: jcooper@ola.org.uk.