Our Lady's Abingdon - OLA 6th Food Science and Nutrition

OLA 6th Food Science and Nutrition

This information is provided as a guide for the units to be taken from September 2019 – the choice of optional unit may change from year to year.

Awarding Body: WJEC

Specification: Level 3 Applied Diploma

The Diploma:

Unit 1: Internally and externally assessed (this unit is mandatory)
External 90 minute exam + 15 minutes reading time
Section A: short answers
Section B: extended answers
Section C: relates to a case study
The paper is available in June of each year. Students have two resit opportunities (the highest grade counts)

Unit 2: Externally assessed (this unit is mandatory)
An assignment is produced every year and cannot be opened before 1st May. It comprises an 8 hour timed supervised assessment. The assignment is externally set and dictates the resources to be provided for all learners. Students have three weeks to complete the assignment and all sessions are logged. Students will be bringing together their knowledge, skills and understanding. The assignment is set in a scenario. Learners analyse information and make judgements regarding the potential food risks. This unit is marked by WJEC.

Unit 4: Internally assessed (this unit is optional)
This is assessed through one assignment by task setting, task taking and task marking. Each assignment will have a brief that sets out the applied purpose i.e.: the reason for completing the task that would benefit a society, a community, an organisation or a company.