Our Lady's Abingdon - OLA 6th Extended Project Qualification

OLA 6th Extended Project Qualification

What is the EPQ?

Edexcel’s Extended Project qualification (EPQ) at Level 3 helps students of all abilities and interests to acquire independent learning skills. Students can use these new skills in their other A Level subjects as well as to prepare for higher education and working life. The project offers huge flexibility and allows you to choose how you present your work. For example, your project might take the form of:-

• A written dissertation
• A scientific investigation/field study
• A performance
• An artefact (designing and making an object)

Awarding Body: Pearson/Edexcel

Specification: ZPJ30

How does the EPQ relate to UCAS applications?

The EPQ is equivalent to half an A Level and attracts up to 28 UCAS points. It is graded from A* to E.

What will you get out of it?

The EPQ enables you to enhance your qualifications by pursuing an interest of your choice. Therefore, it can really broaden your studies and give a scientist a chance to be an artist for example or vice versa! It helps to develop key skills such as independent learning, research and critical thinking which are valued by both employers and universities. The EPQ gives students the opportunity to:-

• learn more about an area that interests them or research a subject not available through other qualifications

• develop independent research and project management skills • learn time management

• learn skills that will help in higher education or the workplace.

The EPQ is recognised and recommended by universities, schools, colleges and students for the valuable skills it provides.

How does it work?

The EPQ has been designed so that students can either choose a project title that relates to their current study, or a topic that they are personally interested in or passionate about.

Students work with a tutor-mentor, as well as working independently to plan, manage, complete and evaluate a single piece of work. The work is assessed by a set of criteria that the mentors refer to as the work progresses.

There are no exams. Instead, students will produce one piece of coursework, accompanied by a formal presentation to teachers to present and evaluate their work. Students are marked on their ability to plan, manage, complete and review their project.

The EPQ is completed during the Lower Sixth year and is marked by teachers, before being sent to Edexcel to be moderated.