Our Lady's Abingdon - Lower School Religious Education

Lower School Religious Education

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

The OLA Key Stage 2 Religious Education curriculum follows the Come and See programme where pupils are encouraged to ponder on some of the deeper questions they might have, to build an understanding of the Catholic faith and other faiths, to reflect on their own beliefs, and to develop tolerance and understanding of the beliefs of others. While our ethos and traditions are firmly rooted in the Catholic faith, our focus is very much on the personal freedom of the individual.


There are frequent opportunities for children to develop their spirituality. We regularly come together as a school to pray or to reflect and there are services at key points in the liturgical year to which parents are also invited. Many children, whether Catholic or not, choose to participate in the spiritual life of the school, by learning how to serve at the altar or joining the Worship Group. Each year, children organise their own year group Mass, choosing the readings and hymns, and writing the bidding prayers.


Through participating in the daily routines of the school, the children learn to apply Christian principles to everyday life: to treat one another with respect and understanding, to be kind and considerate, putting the needs of others before themselves and to do their best at all times. We also encourage the children to participate in charity fundraising.