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Teaching and Learning

Pivotal Learning at OLA

At OLA we approach teaching and learning with a holistic academic and pastoral strategy, focussing on thinking, learning and building resilience.

OLA Academic & Pastoral vision

Convergence - A One School Approach


‘’Look to the horizon’’ and expand your sphere of learning through the array of clubs and activities available in the OLA Sphere

There is something to suit everyone’s interests in the sphere…..why not try something new or build up your skills in a particular area of interest?

Vision for Educational excellence

Dual PIVOTS - planning & delivery for raising aspiration




Our Hedgehog?
Value added the ‘heartwood’

Organisations will more likely succeed if they can identify the one thing that they do best – their “Hedgehog Concept.“

They focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

Jim Collins (From Good to Great)

A community in which all may grow as children of God

Colour of the year & ‘Be like janus’

Staff to guide travellers along the most suitable route

Rock solid
Practical & workable

Look to the present and to the future

a key to open gates and possibilities


Pivotal learning strategy